USO  Intermountain

What We Did Campaign Strategy / Branding / Sponsorship Procurement / Logo Design / Graphic Design / Copywriting / Media Coordination / Radio Interview / Marketing Consultation USO Intermountain provides a home away from home and a sense of community for active-duty military troops, National Guard personnel, Reservists and their families based throughout Nevada, Utah, […]

Ending Childhood Hunger is Everyone’s Responsibility

Each year, Three Square – Southern Nevada’s only food bank and largest hunger relief organization – holds its two-month “Bag Childhood Hunger” campaign. Every dollar donated April 1-May 31 provides up to six meals to children in need. And, thanks to generous matching sponsors, Nevada Gold Mines operated by Barrick and NV Energy Foundation, every donation made through May 31, […]

Who Inspires You, Creatively?

Every so often we ask the Canyon team a question. Here are the answers we received when we asked, “Who inspires you, creatively.” Miles Johnston, Artist Miles Johnston creates these thought- and emotion-evoking pieces that are like MC Escher’s work, but with a Salvador Dali surrealism-macabre twist. Even though the phantasmagorical and uncanny subjects, I […]

How a 3-Day Conference Reinvigorated Our Outlook on Business

Dale Sprague just returned from the International Executives Association (IEA) Business Innovation Summit in Vancouver, British Columbia. The theme was Rethink Your Business, Develop Profitable Relationships and Transform Your Business. The keynote and interactive sessions centered around accountability, problem solving, the global economic outlook, surviving the great talent resignation, surprise-proofing your business and the human […]

JD Stairs Video Premiere

JD Stairs and the Art of Metal + Wood + Glass It’s no wonder the top builders, developers, architects, interior designers and enlightened homeowners in Las Vegas rely on JD Stairs to bring their dreams to life. The company creates “visually impactful architectural focal points – in metal, wood and glass – that enhance interior […]

LVEA Donates Big to Help Fight Hunger

In 2020, an estimated 1 in 8 Americans were food insecure, equating to over 38 million Americans.  Let that statistic sink in: 1 in 8.  In Nevada is 1 in 6.  One organization is helping to do something about it this holiday season. The Las Vegas Executives Association (LVEA) donated a mountain of gifts, food, […]