Who Inspires You, Creatively?

Every so often we ask the Canyon team a question. Here are the answers we received when we asked, “Who inspires you, creatively.” Miles Johnston, Artist Miles Johnston creates these thought- and emotion-evoking pieces that are like MC Escher’s work, but with a Salvador Dali surrealism-macabre twist. Even though the phantasmagorical and uncanny subjects, I […]

How Our Team is Managing the Work-Life Balance with COVID-19

How has the Canyon team been dealing with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic while maintaining a healthy work-life balance working from home? We asked them and here’s what they had to say and valuable advice they offer. Dale: Being Proactive When All Seems to Be Upside-Down When the pandemic hit, I felt absolute panic. […]

Our Top 20 Apps and Why We Love Them

We asked our Canyon Creative team to tell us about their go-to apps (not including the usual suspects) and here are the results. We learned our people have very eclectic taste. The collection of apps ranges from fitness and leisure, to organization and photo manipulation, video streaming and podcasts, food and wine, stock trading and […]