Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing your website to earn a more prominent position in the search results of Google and other search engines. When done properly, SEO focuses on the long-term aspects and goals of a website. SEO targets the organic search results (non-paid) as opposed to paid search results through SEM.

What On-Site SEO Is

On-site SEO (also known as on-page SEO) is anything you can do to your website to improve its ranking. Proper on-site SEO helps search engines understand what a human would see and (what value they would get) if they visited a page including technical and content-related (keywords) aspects on the site.

What Off-Site SEO Is

Off-site SEO (also known as off-page SEO) is improving search engine and user perception of a website and business. Off-site SEO occurs outside your website to help SEO efforts. This includes links directed to your site, business profiles with accurate data about your business, business activity, news, etc. The goal of off-site SEO is to build authority and enhance your online business presence. This is done by having quality links, from quality and credible sources, pointing towards your website.

Our Process For SEO

Technical Audit – We do an extensive look into your current website state
Strategy – We build a long-term strategy to create and maintain the best possible website for your business
Implement – We implement both on-site and off-site strategies
Analyze – We check on performance indicators and the effectiveness of our efforts
Improve – We refine and improve to achieve the highest possible ROI


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the practice of marketing a business using paid advertisements within search engines. SEM leverages the power of search engines, like Google, to reach potential customers at the perfect time and place.

SEM gives businesses the ability to put ads in front of motivated potential customers, who are ready to buy at the exact moment they’re actively seeking your business services or products. No other advertising medium can do this, which is why SEM is an effective and powerful way to propel your business to the next level.


1. Builds brand and name awareness in search engines
2. Fast turnaround time in returning on your investment
3. Scalability means it grows as your business grows
4. Reaches people in the right place and time
5. Gives your business a competitive advantage
6. Great for local marketing
7. Increases website traffic consistently
8. Brings in more qualified leads
9. More cost-effective than traditional advertising


We have a “holistic” approach to SEM. Our primary goal is to build and maintain the best possible marketing campaign for your business. We build complex digital campaigns that are focused on consumer behavior alignment and conversion optimization. We are certified professionals. Ask us to review and audit your existing campaigns and to ensure the success of your campaign performance.


1. We conduct extensive research into the keywords, user intent, competitors, search volume, forecasted outcome, and trends
2. We build and effective marketing and campaign strategy
3. We monitor, optimize and adjust

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