A closeup of grapes at a vineyard.

Case Studies

Marc Mondavi & Family


Naming / Logo Design / Bottle Label / Packaging

Aloft Cabernet Sauvignon is a high-end wine release from world-renowned Napa Valley winemakers Marc and the late Peter Mondavi. The $175 per bottle wine is described this way: “Aromas of ripe blackberries, deep black currants and elegant rose petals express themselves in an earthy framework. On the palate you’ll notice black cherries, plum and hints of tobacco and mineral. Silky tannins, a smooth mouth feel and a lingering hint of heavenly dark chocolate round out the full experience of this Cabernet Sauvignon.”

Canyon Creative was approached to create a name, logo, label and packaging that exemplified the caring way in which the grapes are grown with a nod to the vineyard’s location, which is high up on the celebrated Howell Mountain in Napa.

Aloft Wine bottles in a box, packaging designed by Canyon Creative

We decided to create a book of inspiration for them that included a large variety of name and logo concepts with detailed rationale for each one. We made it difficult for them to decide…which was our goal.

The top of a wooden case of Aloft Wine Cabernet Sauvignon.

Eventually, and after much debate, they settled upon “Aloft” with a logo design that is elegant and subtle, featuring a blind emboss of the Howell Mountain Vineyard on the label. The custom, three-bottle packaging features a rustic wooden box with the logo emblazoned on the top.

Aloft Wine logo
Aloft Wine bottle
Aloft wine foil capsule design
Aloft wine foil capsule view of top of bottle