Image of Boston, Massachusetts skyline


Boston Omaha Corporation

Boston Omaha Corporation is a public holding company, traded on the New York Stock Exchange as BOC. They operate four primary businesses: Broadband (telecommunications services), Billboards (outdoor advertising/billboards), Bonds (surety insurance) and Boston Omaha Asset Management (BOAM).

The client approached Canyon Creative to refresh their website with an updated look, new information, better navigation and enhanced user experience. Our goals were to simplify the website so visitors can easily find what they are searching for, provide more calls-to-action, and update messaging, copy and imagery.

We accomplished this by meeting many times with the client and their team to define everything they were looking for in their new website. With this knowledge, we further refined their expectations and created a plan. We updated them regularly on our progress and proactively found solutions to issues when they came up.

One challenge was the off-site investors’ website they needed to link to from their main navigation. As a highly regulated entity and member of the New York Stock Exchange, Boston Omaha Corporation legally needs to keep investors updated with corporate governance, stock updates, financial documents and more. We had to ensure there wasn’t a jarring change in imagery and color palette when going from the main BOC website to the investors’ website.