Cragin & Pike

Cragin & Pike, headquartered in Las Vegas, has been selling comprehensive risk and insurance solutions since 1909. When the company was 20 years old the population of Vegas was only 5,000. In 1931, they insured the first gaming establishments. In the 1980s, they paid its most unusual automobile claim when Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal’s Cadillac exploded outside Tony Roma’s Restaurant. At 90 years-old, Cragin & Pike was honored as the second oldest company doing
business in Las Vegas.

For all its colorful history, Cragin & Pike is one of the most respected businesses around and is now licensed to sell insurance in every state. In fact, Canyon Creative has been a long-time client.

The marketing team at Cragin & Pike decided it was time to refresh the website. They specifically wanted to focus on the future and less on the past. That’s when they called us in. We analyzed the site and realized the messaging and copy needed to be revamped as well as the overall functionality and calls-to-action. Working collaboratively, we developed a website that better portrays who they are, is more contemporary and more visually appealing, functions better and has messaging that targets their specific audiences. 

Cragin & Pike Website redesign by Canyon Creative