Dom DeMarco's Pizzeria and Bar Logo Dom DeMarco's Pizzeria and Bar Signage

Dom DeMarco’s Pizzeria & Bar

Imagine pizza so delicious that New Yorkers and tourists-in-the-know happily stand in line for two hours to get a pie or even just a slice. What’s the secret to such devotion? Dom DeMarco’s mouthwatering, award-winning pies are carefully handcrafted using closely guarded recipes and quality imported ingredients.

So, who is this legendary pizza maker? Domenico DeMarco immigrated to New York from Italy as a young man in 1959. In 1964, he opened Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn, growing it into an iconic family business. For decades, DeMarco and Di Fara Pizza have received lavish praise from neighborhood folks, celebrities, chowhounds, and internationally renowned food critics. And, in a town where competition for the title “best pizza” is fierce, the restaurant has often been named “top pizzeria” and “best Italian restaurant” by prestigious publications including Zagat, New York magazine, and New York Daily News.

After all these years, the cherished family recipes were entrusted to a new generation of pizza worshippers in the west, personally trained at DeMarco’s side. Dom DeMarco’s Pizzeria & Bar in Las Vegas serves the same pizza made famous at a quaint little place in Brooklyn.

We were lucky enough to create the logo and signage design for the restaurant — and live close enough to regularly enjoy the pizza!

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