Grant a Gift Autism Foundation

Grant a Gift Autism Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that helps children, youth and their families fight autism by providing diagnostic and treatment funding, support services, vocational training, transition planning, and education. They also act as a community safety net by filling in treatment and funding gaps not covered by state and federal resources or insurance. The organization collaborates with other organizations, state agencies, and providers to give children with autism spectrum disorder, growing up in Nevada, a better quality of life and future as they transition into adults.

We were tasked with creating an engaging site that tells the story of autism, the services provided, what’s being done now and what you can do to help. It’s brought to life with a bright mix of photos and a site map that is logical and easy to follow. The donate button is located at the top and bottom, as well as on the navigation link of each page. This serves as a constant reminder about donations, whether it’s a one-time gift, monthly giving opportunity, an event or corporate sponsorship or volunteer commitment.

We’ve made it easy for people to engage on social media by including share buttons on nearly every page; furthering the important message about autism. We also peppered the site with forms that allow people to inquire about services and included a link that lets you very simply sign up for emails. We’ve provided links to all the forms needed to volunteer, PDFs of milestone moments in autism, and the emails for more information.

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