Saltwater Grove Seafood

The fishermen of Saltwater Grove Seafood have been working the bayous, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean of Southeastern Louisiana for four generations. Fishing is in their blood. It’s not only their livelihood; it’s their passion. Even the devastation of Hurricane Katrina didn’t keep them down. They rebuilt and moved forward.

The company asked Canyon Creative to develop a website for them, something they’d never done before. Our primary goals were to sell their wild-caught fish, shellfish and oysters, honor family history and provide recipes people could use after purchase. The interface had to reflect a simple and easy-to-navigate website that made shopping easy for customers.

We accomplished this by using straightforward navigation and functional design that allows visitors to seamlessly get to where they want to go quickly. There are also clear calls-to-action throughout and SEO-friendly copy. Fortunately for us, many of the colorful photos were provided by the client to showcase their seafood and family history. In other places, we researched complementary stock imagery to help the client save money.

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Saltwater Grove Seafood Website Design by Canyon Creative